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A remedy?

2008-08-25 03:17:50 by Vicious1201

Lol... so it was my friend Yulias Birthday party today... and we went to 6-Flags Discoverey Kingdom... I went on the following rides.. (keeping this in mind this was arouuunndd..... 1:10-6:30) I went on the Madusa (2 TIMES) V2, Tony Hawks big spin, Some water Ratf thinggy, Roar, boomerang, kong, and Voodo. I'm posting this blog at 12:15 am. And yet, I still feel like im moving at an alarming rate, everything feels like it is spining, and to top it all off... it feels like theres constant earthquakes. Does anyone know a possible remedy for this situation T-T. If so... pls tell me for future referances. (Oh and btw instead of screaming, I scream profanities... and my friend Geoff who was riding with me said that he had never heard such a long string of profanities with in the spann of 1 minute... I think I set a world record)

Hello... :D

2008-08-02 15:01:31 by Vicious1201

Hello, I seem to be in a very good mood today.. Well if anyone else wants to share their happiness with me today I'm quite open ^-^ Also im very happy that I'm gettin SSX On Tour today. If anyone who has this game could give some info on how it is cuz I have SSX 1 2 and 3. Also I want to know if Mac is in here, cuz hes mah favorite charecter. :D Well if anyone could give me some info on the game I would be very happy ^ - ^ Thank you muches.

u263C (Gavin)